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Revelation 20:15

“And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

Here is an incredibly scary fact about life – every human on earth is born into sin and separated from God.
Here is a second even scarier fact about life – because of this sin we are ultimately headed for the lake of fire. Sin is an eternal death sentence that hangs around our neck.

God’s punishment for sin is to confine sinners into an abyss void of all love or light and full of agony and torture. It’s a place where God pours His entire wrath into a burning pool of unrepentant people. It is literally a lake of fire burning with the righteous judgment of a holy God – a place we all deserve.

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I was watching an episode of the Simpsons called ‘Bart gets an Elephant’. In a scene towards the end Homer falls into a tar pit. He struggles to free himself but only sinks deeper. He decides to reach in with his right arm to pull out his right leg, then decides to reach in with his left arm to pull out his left leg – all while getting himself even more stuck and sinking further into the tar. He finally decides to reach in with his face to pull out the rest of his body – and becomes completely submerged. (more…)

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I was having a conversation with my brother recently. (He made me promise to keep him anonymous so I’m not using his name.)

I told him that as I’m getting older I spend much more time thinking about eternity and life after death.
I also told him that I want him to be in heaven one day and that I can’t stand the thought of spending eternity without him.

His Reply? “I tend not to think about whats ahead. I let whatever happens happen.” (more…)

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It can be very easy to live for the here and now.
Growing up on earth, it’s all we’ve ever known – so it seems only natural that we live with the earth in mind. However the Bible tells us that there is so much more to life than the here and now. There is so much more than what we can see, touch, taste or smell.
No, no we do not cease living after death if we are in Christ but we have a great beyond that stretches out forever and ever. An eternity of life abundant and that is what we are living for! (more…)

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Prayer 08/19/12

Father God,

Open my eyes to see the reality of sin. Allow me to see it’s true destruction.
Father, give me the understanding so that I may appreciate the gravity of your sacrifice; how necessary it was and how lost I would be without you.
God open my eyes to the sin in my life, that I may be purged of it. Reveal the areas that I need to hand over to you. I struggle with holding back but father, I want to give it all to you! Not 80%, not 99% – but I want to give it ALL to you.
Father thank you for your mercy and your generosity. I am nothing without you.

In Jesus Christ,

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Through most of my life I was poor.
As a kid neither of my parents worked – we lived off of welfare.  The family car was a beat up clunker that was given to us and living conditions were cramped, having to share a room with my sister. (more…)

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Reconciliation is important to God.
At a time when we were His enemies, God acted to repair our damaged relationship.
At a time when sin separated us from Him, God set out to reconcile our estrangement.
And in a world where we experience brokenness in our relationships with others, God expects us to make reconciliation as well. (more…)

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