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The Beatles sang “All you need is love, love is all you need!” It was a seed planted as a mantra that grew into a full ideology which the world subscribes to. The world would have you believe that love is all you need – that love is enough to carry us through this life and into the next – that love is our salvation. The world worships this idea of love and has turned it into their god – but this is idolatry.  (more…)


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“Glory to God, Glory to God!”

“He died for you! Will You let Him in your heart?”

On my drive home from work I was stopped at a light about a block away from my house. Immediately I heard a voice trumpeting from the sky – “Glory to God! Glory to God!” (more…)

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Evangelism is not confronting “Sinners” and telling them to repent. It’s not coercing someone to recite a prayer so they’ll escape the fires of hell. It’s not even thumping someone over the head with a King James Bible and exorcising their demons.
Evangelism is teaching people about the great news, that Jesus Christ has died (as a worthy sacrifice in the eyes of God) and rose again (as proof that His claims are true) so that all who come to Him – be they hungry, thirsty or weary – will not suffer condemnation and will receive pardon from their sins and eternal life in His glory. (more…)

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