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Father God,

Your spirit is calling me to pray for the people who are hurting at this very moment. People who are feeling broken, depressed, crushed and full of sorrow; People who are frustrated, confused, fed-up and feeling hopeless; People who are reading this very blog.
Father reach out your hand to those people. You know who they are, people all over the world.
Pour your spirit into them and whisper your love into their ears. Father you are the hope for the hopeless and the healer of the hurting.
God you poured out your blood for the world, so that you could make all things new.
I pray for those who are reading these words now, that they know how much you love them. Open their eyes to the power of your Spirit and perform a miraculous healing in their lives.

Father you have washed me in your blood and poured your spirit upon me. You have given me the power to speak words in faith and it will be done; to lay my hands on the sick and they will be healed; to command demons out of peoples lives and they will flee; to pray in your authority and it will be answered; to testify to your truth and eyes will be opened!

God, there are some of my readers who are experiencing great struggles. In the power and authority of your name, I ask that you heal them in an incredible and miraculous fashion. Make it obvious that you are the source of their healing and blessing.


If anyone reading this has a specific prayer request, you are welcome to share it in the comments or email me and I will pray for you.
If anyone has experienced God’s healing and would like to share praise, I would love to hear that as well!


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We have all seen the bumper stickers – COEXIST – created from the symbols of the worlds major religions. It’s the mantra of the new unity movement, knitting together the religions as if they’re all equal and true.  Coyly tossing the cross of Christianity at the end as if Jesus is one way among many; as if truth could be blended with untruth (the result of which is not an amalgam of unified truth, but pure untruth.) The only thing that makes me shake my head more than this movement is seeing a professing Christian who supports this COEXIST movement. In fact those people have some serious soul searching to do because Jesus doesn’t allow that option. Jesus doesn’t allow us to “COEXIST.” If we don’t serve Him and Him alone, we don’t serve Him at all.  (more…)

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Olympic Runner

Have you ever participated in a race or a marathon?
Perhaps you know firsthand or are at least aware of the training and dedication it takes to prepare for such an event? (more…)

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I am going to be a father soon. I can’t stop dwelling on that statement.
I know that i’m not the first person to go through this experience and I certainly won’t be the last – but it’s my time now. Others have had their time and still others will have their time – but it’s my time now, to be a father. I pray I don’t screw it up. (more…)

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God, is bigger than the air I breathe. He’s glorious! (more…)

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In my post A Narrow Path – https://deepcave.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/a-narrow-path/ – I laid a Biblical groundwork for what a true Christ followers faith looks like. Faith is only vibrant and authentic when our lives and actions match what it is we claim to believe. Faith is only real when our words and deeds resemble that which we claim to believe in – otherwise our faith is dead. (more…)

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