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The Beatles sang “All you need is love, love is all you need!” It was a seed planted as a mantra that grew into a full ideology which the world subscribes to. The world would have you believe that love is all you need – that love is enough to carry us through this life and into the next – that love is our salvation. The world worships this idea of love and has turned it into their god – but this is idolatry.  (more…)


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Slain Lamb
The world is headed to Hell.

Whatever Hell might be – an underworld prison built out of skulls, a lake of bubbling lava, or a pitch black abyss – it’s an eternal separation from our God and creator. It is a completely permanent sentence served out in total seclusion with full consciousness and awareness, accompanied by physical, emotional and spiritual torment forever and ever… and every single person ever born is headed for it. (more…)

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“Glory to God, Glory to God!”

“He died for you! Will You let Him in your heart?”

On my drive home from work I was stopped at a light about a block away from my house. Immediately I heard a voice trumpeting from the sky – “Glory to God! Glory to God!” (more…)

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I believe the Bible is the word of God.
I also believe the Bible has power and authority – however not to the point of deification. The physical book itself is not divine but contains the words and wisdom of the King. So in this light I respect the Bible as coming directly from the King.
I believe the Bible is to be taken literally in it’s historically grammatical context. Through prayer, diligent study, and meditation we can truly understand what His word is saying to us and apply it accordingly. When we hold it in this context we learn that this book is not simply a historical text but is an active and unfolding truth in our own day. We are part of it’s message and we are witnesses to it’s truth unfolding. (more…)

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I recently read a blog post by a pastor friend of mine named Dave Flowers – Ten Things Christians Say That Drive Me Crazy

I enjoyed the post and understood on some level much of what he had to say, however he made a comment in his list that I certainly had to take issue with. The third saying on his list had to do with Christians who refer to “The last days” or “The end times” and he followed with this comment: “I’m not sure if any concept has been responsible for more “Christian” lunacy than this. Setting aside the fact that the theological concept of the “rapture” was almost completely invented in the early 1800′s…”  He followed with more on this issue that drives him crazy but this quote in particular stood out to me. (more…)

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This may seem like foolishness to the world but Jesus taught the truth on how to have eternal life and see the kingdom of God.
Can someone return to their mothers womb and be born a second time? No. But we can surrender to Christ, become sealed with the Holy Spirit and have a new birth into the spiritual everlasting. (more…)

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