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Slain Lamb
The world is headed to Hell.

Whatever Hell might be – an underworld prison built out of skulls, a lake of bubbling lava, or a pitch black abyss – it’s an eternal separation from our God and creator. It is a completely permanent sentence served out in total seclusion with full consciousness and awareness, accompanied by physical, emotional and spiritual torment forever and ever… and every single person ever born is headed for it. (more…)


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This may seem like foolishness to the world but Jesus taught the truth on how to have eternal life and see the kingdom of God.
Can someone return to their mothers womb and be born a second time? No. But we can surrender to Christ, become sealed with the Holy Spirit and have a new birth into the spiritual everlasting. (more…)

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I read Rob Bells controversial book “Love Wins” back in April. I’ve been letting the information I took in from his book simmer in my mind. At first it made perfect sense to me and I attempted taking on the belief that there is no hell — that ultimately God was going to save everyone. Over time though this belief turned sour inside of me. Each time I told myself that Hell wasn’t real, that God loves us too much to send us to such a place, I found increasing Biblical evidence to the contrary. (more…)

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