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So if Jesus died for our sins and set us free from the penalty of sin, does that mean no one goes to hell now?
Certainly not! The forgiveness of sins is not a coverall blanket tossed over the whole world – but is instead a free gift available for the taking by anyone who will believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord. Salvation is certainly an open invitation – but one that must be received.  (more…)


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The Baby’s Lair
This is the nursery we have put together so far for our first child. I like to stand in it and close my eyes. I imagine what it will be like to have my son laying in the crib or cradled in my arms as I stare out the window – into the world. But how much more awesome it will be when I no longer have to imagine. Soon enough our baby will be here and I will get to actually physically stand there with him in my arms. What a bonding experience that will be! I can barely describe how I feel in anticipation, so I know that in that moment when I finally have him in my arms, I will be completely and utterly speechless. (more…)

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Empty Me

Father God,

Empty me. Pour out all of my selfish ambition and pride. Make me an empty vessel so that I may be filled with You and Your Spirit.
Tear me down and break me if necessary so that I can be built to Your likeness, to Your satisfaction.

Unblind my eyes so that I can see the world the way You see it. Make me aware of the dying and the suffering in the world so that my compassion for the lost will increase.

Father place in me the strength to say “Whatever it takes, Your will be done.”

You are God – from everlasting to everlasting.

I will pursue You until the heavens melt away and beyond.

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