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I recently read a blog post by a pastor friend of mine named Dave Flowers – Ten Things Christians Say That Drive Me Crazy

I enjoyed the post and understood on some level much of what he had to say, however he made a comment in his list that I certainly had to take issue with. The third saying on his list had to do with Christians who refer to “The last days” or “The end times” and he followed with this comment: “I’m not sure if any concept has been responsible for more “Christian” lunacy than this. Setting aside the fact that the theological concept of the “rapture” was almost completely invented in the early 1800′s…”  He followed with more on this issue that drives him crazy but this quote in particular stood out to me. (more…)


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Will the world be a better place… After I’m gone?

Thinking about the one chance I get, will I use it to make this world a better place? Or will I waste it and fade away into the abyss of history? (more…)

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