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I recently read a blog post by a pastor friend of mine named Dave Flowers – Ten Things Christians Say That Drive Me Crazy

I enjoyed the post and understood on some level much of what he had to say, however he made a comment in his list that I certainly had to take issue with. The third saying on his list had to do with Christians who refer to “The last days” or “The end times” and he followed with this comment: “I’m not sure if any concept has been responsible for more “Christian” lunacy than this. Setting aside the fact that the theological concept of the “rapture” was almost completely invented in the early 1800′s…”  He followed with more on this issue that drives him crazy but this quote in particular stood out to me. (more…)


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Sometimes in life there are experiences that take your breath away – experiences that stay with you forever. And sometimes in life there are people you meet who affect you profoundly even in a matter of moments. (more…)

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I Swear to God!

You’ve heard this before – or maybe you’ve said this before. It happens when someone tells a story that seems outrageous or when being questioned in disbelief – it just rolls off our tongues so naturally. “I swear to God it’s true! Believe me!”
It has become our standard. When we tell a story that sounds borderline unbelievable, just slip in a quick “I swear to God” and suddenly everything you say is golden – it’s all true!  (more…)

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Empty Me

Father God,

Empty me. Pour out all of my selfish ambition and pride. Make me an empty vessel so that I may be filled with You and Your Spirit.
Tear me down and break me if necessary so that I can be built to Your likeness, to Your satisfaction.

Unblind my eyes so that I can see the world the way You see it. Make me aware of the dying and the suffering in the world so that my compassion for the lost will increase.

Father place in me the strength to say “Whatever it takes, Your will be done.”

You are God – from everlasting to everlasting.

I will pursue You until the heavens melt away and beyond.

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