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The Baby’s Lair
This is the nursery we have put together so far for our first child. I like to stand in it and close my eyes. I imagine what it will be like to have my son laying in the crib or cradled in my arms as I stare out the window – into the world. But how much more awesome it will be when I no longer have to imagine. Soon enough our baby will be here and I will get to actually physically stand there with him in my arms. What a bonding experience that will be! I can barely describe how I feel in anticipation, so I know that in that moment when I finally have him in my arms, I will be completely and utterly speechless. (more…)


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I often wonder what it would be like if I had a device that allowed me to travel to distant regions of the universe in a blink of an eye. Would the instantaneous journey to another world be painful? Would I come out on the other side covered in some ecto-plasmic goo? What types of visuals and sensations would I experience? (more…)

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