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So if Jesus died for our sins and set us free from the penalty of sin, does that mean no one goes to hell now?
Certainly not! The forgiveness of sins is not a coverall blanket tossed over the whole world – but is instead a free gift available for the taking by anyone who will believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord. Salvation is certainly an open invitation – but one that must be received.  (more…)


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For the last few days I’ve felt a heavy burden for the lost souls that die without Jesus Christ. For this reason I’ve felt it was necessary to revisit a former post titled Reality of Hell and expand on it. In my first post I briefly mentioned the book “Love Wins” by Rob Bell and wrote about my utter rejection of it’s teachings. I reject all of Universalism – It is just unable to stand up under true Biblical scrutiny. This post however is not intended to debate Universalism but is written to inform my readers that their is an actual, literal hell. (more…)

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