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There are days when I just don’t have words. There are days when I just don’t have strength.

In those days Father, it brings me great joy to know that you are the great I AM. You are the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!

Everything is under your control. I don’t have to worry about the end of my day, or the end of my life because you’ve already seen it and it’s in your hands.

Because I don’t have words or strength, be my Word and be my strength, God.
Shine bright in me, so that I will be your beacon in a dark and dying world.



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For many years I would pray “Lord give me strength.”
Lord, give it to…ME. I wanted to be the possessor of the strength. I wanted to be marveled at as one who was strong and could overcome opposition.
It was a very selfish prayer, as if I was making a wish from a genie (God I wish to be strong!)  I was taking all the focus off of God and asking to be made strong in and of myself. Of course then I didn’t fully see it as such, but according to the wording that’s clearly where I was focused. (more…)

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God, is bigger than the air I breathe. He’s glorious! (more…)

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