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It’s been well over a year since I wrote Jesus Drives a Spaceship part 1 & part 2. Recently however I’ve kinda distanced myself from those posts and have even considered deleting them all together – but I’ve always hated the idea of destroying my work, no matter how much I grow to question it or disagree with it. There is always room to learn and grow from the past and I believe I have grown tremendously since writing those posts. (more…)


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If there is one single area of Biblical teaching that I would have more authority on than any other it would be the subject of end times date setting. If there is one lesson I have learned above all it is to avoid at any cost the pitfalls of trying to calculate the return of Christ – Because this is unknowable.

Let me repeat that. If there is a single lesson that I am most qualified to teach it is this – BEWARE the snare of date-setting! I have learned this lesson the hard way and if anyone has the right to warn against it, it’s me. Do not fall into the trap of trying to calculate the return of Christ, FOR THIS IS UNKNOWABLE! (more…)

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