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I was having a conversation with my brother recently. (He made me promise to keep him anonymous so I’m not using his name.)

I told him that as I’m getting older I spend much more time thinking about eternity and life after death.
I also told him that I want him to be in heaven one day and that I can’t stand the thought of spending eternity without him.

His Reply? “I tend not to think about whats ahead. I let whatever happens happen.” (more…)


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Will the world be a better place… After I’m gone?

Thinking about the one chance I get, will I use it to make this world a better place? Or will I waste it and fade away into the abyss of history? (more…)

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Everyone on earth lives in a struggle between the world and God’s kingdom.
The world is a flashy and glamorous place – with sights, smells, sounds and sensations that turn you on in every possible way.
The kingdom is a breeze tugging at the soul, commanding people to live righteous and holy lives. (more…)

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Father God,

We live in a sad and broken world.
But you have given us hope of a new tomorrow. You have promised your people that you will build a Kingdom that never ends.
We may be living through a time of persecution and death but there will be a day when you step down and say “enough!”
You will wipe away our tears, you will be our King and our provider. I look forward to this day with great anticipation!
I am eager for your Millennial Kingdom! I desire the renewing of the heavens and earth so that your people can live in peace – in a sin free and perfect society. You, God, will make this happen in your own time but I am anxious. I cannot wait for the day that your people will live in your presence and see your face.

Let your Kingdom come Lord!


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(Warning: This blog contains graphic content and may not be suitable for lukewarm Christians.) (more…)

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Evangelism is not confronting “Sinners” and telling them to repent. It’s not coercing someone to recite a prayer so they’ll escape the fires of hell. It’s not even thumping someone over the head with a King James Bible and exorcising their demons.
Evangelism is teaching people about the great news, that Jesus Christ has died (as a worthy sacrifice in the eyes of God) and rose again (as proof that His claims are true) so that all who come to Him – be they hungry, thirsty or weary – will not suffer condemnation and will receive pardon from their sins and eternal life in His glory. (more…)

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